Mobile Mum Maintenance Service

This service is currently suspended

Since becoming a mother, I’ve really appreciated having practitioners I can call on for physical and emotional support. After such a life changing event as childbirth and the demanding years that follow, I feel it’s so important for mothers to have time to be nurtured themselves and re-charge.

With this is mind in October 2018, I decided to set up my mobile service, visiting mothers and young families in the comfort of their own home.

I bring my own couch, sheet/towel and oils. All the client needs to do is provide enough space, a pillow and blanket for their own comfort.

I charge £50, within the BS7 postcode and £55 beyond BS7, but still within Bristol. This is for a one-hour treatment, please allow for time either side for me to set up and tidy away again.

I am open to groups of mothers getting together for shorter sessions each, whilst providing childcare for each other. I think this is a lovely morning activity, that both mother and child can enjoy and benefit from. Please get in touch to discuss this further.