My name is Blossom, welcome to my website. Here I’d like you to get a picture of me and how I work, so that you can decide if you’d like to meet for treatments.

My aim is to provide the time and space for people to switch off, relax and find their grounding again. I want people to leave feeling re-connected with themselves, the earth, and their own needs as well as being aware of others around them and the environment they inhabit.

In our modern world, it’s so easy to live in our minds, over thinking, analysing and assessing every move we make. By using touch we are reminded of our bodies and the wonderful things they are capable of: childbirth, crafts, sports and breathing.

The hands we cook and build with, the shoulders we carry our children on, the legs we use to run and cycle, our feet that carry us from home to work and back again – they need maintenance just like any other vehicle or tool.

Regular treatments, of a therapy that we find relaxing and fortifying, should be part of our routine as in many other cultures around the world.

I work from Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Rooms, on Whiteladies Road and The Practice Rooms, in Westbury On Trym, both in Bristol as well as a beautiful space at The Painswick Centre in The Cotswolds.


Working through the energy pathways of the body, reflexology can help to clear areas of congestion, which may present themselves as insomnia, IBS, migraines, fertility problems, to name a few.

With so many nerves ending in our feet, massaging them has an instantly relaxing effect on the whole body. Many people find reflexology relaxes them so much they either fall asleep or go into a dream state. These are good responses as it is when our body is at rest that it can heal itself.

For emotional and mental well being, I find Reflexology has a very grounding impact, helping to balance the mind in times of stress and anxiety; drawing the energy down from our minds and reconnecting us with our feet and the earth they walk on.

I work only on the feet and lower legs, starting with a warm flannel to clean them, then a series of massage techniques to help them relax. Using a talc free body powder, I work with a firm pressure to either stimulate or relax specific reflex points. This helps to release areas of congestion elsewhere in the body, depending on the individual’s needs. I finish by massaging in an organic blend of oils to leave the feet nourished and supple and wrap the feet in a cotton towel.

The Neal’s Yard Remedies products I use are all organic and vegan. The oil is a nut blend, nut free is available upon request.


My initial Body Massage training followed the Swedish approach of using tapotement techniques, such as wringing, kneading and cupping, which can be quite invigorating. This is great for kick starting a sluggish digestive or immune system.

I then went on to train in Pregnancy Massage with Bristol-based Well Mother. This introduced me to a more gentle approach, using leaning and holding techniques as well as the practicalities and contraindications of working with a woman at this special time.

Most recently, I completed a Deep Tissue Massage course with the Cotswold Academy, in Cirencester. Here I learnt how to use forearms, elbows and knuckles to work into problem areas. Many people suffer with painful areas of tension in their shoulders and hips. Deep tissue massage can help to alleviate this by warming the muscles and working into them on a deeper level with greater pressure.

I combine all these different approaches to provide a tailored treatment for each individual. Whether you are looking for a calm quiet time to relax and feel nurtured or whether you have particular aches and knots of tension you want to be treated as part of the initial consultation process we will talk through your wishes and what outcome you are hoping for.

I use one large brushed cotton sheet with a blanket on top for extra warmth and weight. Bolsters can be used under ankles/knees if needed and a face cushion to rest in whilst I work on your back. A client may choose whether or not they have music playing during their treatment.

For massage, I use a Neal’s Yard Remedies oil blend of almond, sunflower and wheatgerm oils. It is fragrance free, organic and vegan. Gluten and nut free oils are available upon request.


Due to the confidential nature of the treatments I have chosen to keep my clients’ names private.

“Blossom’s treatments are both intuitive and carefully considered. Very nurturing, energizing, calming and restorative. My recent massage was transformative, after weeks of fatigue, I was back up and running the following day. ” April 2022

“Blossom is a brilliant massage therapist. She is expert at tackling knotty shoulders and general tightness from stress. I have a very busy job but one hour with Blossom sets me right- mentally and physically.”

“I’ve experienced the benefits of reflexology for over 30 years and have seen very many reflexologists. Most have been good, some have been very good.

My wife and I have been to Blossom for a few years now and we both have no hesitation in saying that she’s among the very best.

She mixes technical skill, warmth, and that amazing insight and intuition that the best therapists have and so is able to fix imbalances quickly and pleasantly. She has great integrity, honesty and humour and visits to her are always enjoyable.”

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