My initial Body Massage training followed the Swedish approach of using tapotement techniques, such as wringing, kneading and cupping, which can be quite invigorating. This is great for kick starting a sluggish digestive or immune system.

I then went on to train in Pregnancy Massage with Bristol-based Well Mother. This introduced me to a more gentle approach, using leaning and holding techniques as well as the practicalities and contraindications of working with a woman at this special time.

Most recently, I completed a Deep Tissue Massage course with the Cotswold Academy, in Cirencester. Here I learnt how to use forearms, elbows and knuckles to work into problem areas. Many people suffer with painful areas of tension in their shoulders and hips. Deep tissue massage can help to alleviate this by warming the muscles and working into them on a deeper level with greater pressure.

I combine all these different approaches to provide a tailored treatment for each individual. Whether you are looking for a calm quiet time to relax and feel nurtured or whether you have particular aches and knots of tension you want to be treated as part of the initial consultation process we will talk through your wishes and what outcome you are hoping for.

I use one large brushed cotton sheet with a blanket on top for extra warmth and weight. Bolsters can be used under ankles/knees if needed and a face cushion to rest in whilst I work on your back. A client may choose whether or not they have music playing during their treatment.

For massage, I use a Neal’s Yard Remedies oil blend of almond, sunflower and wheatgerm oils. It is fragrance free, organic and vegan. Gluten and nut free oils are available upon request.